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Licence - Licence 2 Rock
Vinyl available - ORDER HERE

Pre-order the new RIDDLEMASTER album ˋBring The MAGIK Down‘ now! Featuring Manilla Road members Mark ˋThe Shark‘ Shelton and Rick Fisher.

We’re very proud Twentydarkseven and Maverick are going to play Icerock 2018

Nimrod BC - God Of War And Chaos
Pre-order the new album on vinyl now! Also available on CD:

We are very proud to announce the signing of RIDDLEMASTER. The band is the brainchild of Mark „The Shark“ Shelton and Rick Fisher. Rick Fisher was the drummer on the first MANILLA ROAD records from 1979 to 1984 including the signature song „Flaming Metal Systems“ and the iconic release „Crystal Logic“. Mark Shelton is founder, guitarist, vocalist and primary composer for MANILLA ROAD since its beginning in 1977 and is still going strong with the band.
The RIDDLEMASTER idea came up when Rick and Shark were discussing what MANILLA ROAD might sound like if Rick had never stopped performing with the band. The result is „Bring The Magik Down“. Accompanied by E.C. Hellwell on bass guitar this is an experiment in what might have been. The music within this album is full of classic rock and metal styles that are indeed reminiscent of the roots of their original band. Within this collection of tunes, you will find many styles woven together with a foundation in traditional rock n roll music. If you are a fan of early Manilla Road or a fan of classic Rock and Metal music this album by RIDDLEMASTER is a must have!!!
The album 'BRING THE MAGIK DOWN' will be released worldwide on CD, vinyl, digital download and streaming on December 1st, 2017!!!

Stay tuned for more!

We are more than proud to announce the latest member to the Metalapolis Family. Please welcome Licence!!! Their debut album 'Licence 2 Rock' will be released October 27, 2017 on CD and vinyl. You can't buy the licence to rock, you need to own it. Licence does!!!

Please welcome Jessica Wolff to the Metalapolis Family! We are more than proud that the Finnish singer and actor signed with Metalapolis Records. Her new album 'Grounded' will be released November 17th, 2017. Stay tuned!!!

Nimrod b.c. - God Of War And Chaos
The Thrash Metal band from Chile founded 1985 by guitarist Chris Ira, had great success in the back then tape trader scene and got good reactions in magazines all over the world. They played major festivals in South America with bands like TWISTED SISTER, VOIVOD, MORBID ANGEL and many more.
Their new album „God Of War And Chaos“ is the first full-length album of this underground cult band since „Return To Babylon“ from 2009. It was produced by Chris himself at the Noctambulus Studios in Chile, before it was mixed in London by Darren Carikas. The mastering was done by one of the metal gurus, Bill Metoyer, who is well known for his work with SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, WASP, SACRED REICH and many more. The album features the new vocalist Gary Wayne, which was recruited to bring that one special tone to the NIMROD B.C. music. Release date will be December 1, 2017 (CD and vinyl).


rebelHot playing @ Escape Open Air!
Sharing the stage with Joe Lynn Turner, Treat, FM, Praying Mantis and may more!!!
Wasserburg Roßlau (Dessau)
September 8-9, 2017

News about the new Crosson album coming soon!
Stay tuned!!!


We proudly announce the signing of Danish band Section A. Welcome to the Metalapolis family! Their new album "Wall Of Silence" will be released worldwide on September 29, 2017. Stay tuned!!!

We are very proud to announce the signing of Swedish band Debbie Ray!!! Please welcome Reine, Andreas and H-Can to the Metalapolis family. Their new album "Slave To The System" will be released worldwide September 29, 2017!

Great rebelHot News!!!
They are confirmed for Rock In Park @ Legend Club Milano October 1, 2017.

We are so proud to announce our first Label Festival!
Maverick, ZAR, Twentydarkseven and PhallaX will rock the house September 24, 2017 at the ROCKFABRIK Ludwigsburg.

StOp, sToP - Little Fighter
Here is the second single from their new album "Barceloningham"! Check it out!!!

ZAR - Don't Wait For Heroes
Check out the brand new video!

Crosson - Lies (Official Music Video)
Taken from the album 'Spreading The Rock 'N' Roll Disease'.

StOp, sToP Barceloningham Tour 2016!
Italy and Switzerland

This Friday starts the rebelHot UK tour!

German four-piece MINDEAD plays a gritty kind of modern metal with lots of passion and unique flavor and they know what they want. Frontman Timo Fielker and drummer Benjamin Hölle met in 2001 to turn the MINDEAD concept into sound. Right from the beginning the focus was on rhythmic metal that would thrill with anthemic character. MINDEAD were quickly established in the local scene surrounding Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. The next goal was to break free from the confines of local stardom.

Timo, Pablo, Bene and Ben played shows with respected and big names of the international metal scene such as DevilDriver, Mnemic, Ektomorf, 4LYN and Emil Bulls. Their biggest tour so far saw MINDEAD sharing the stages with nu metal veterans Ill Nino all across Europe. This experience opened MINDEAD`s eyes for the American market. To promote "Abandon All Hope" in the U.S., the band filmed a video clip for 'Dark places' with a Swabian film team in the summer of 2012. A sombre piece taking place in a run-down storage facility. A perfect setting for MINDEAD`s music! After playing over 200 shows all over Germany and beyond, MINDEAD have perfected their sound. A strong foundation gained more and more depth. Nowadays the band stands for catchy modern metal songwriting: their new songs show off an abundance of ideas and diversion. Aggressive and driven riffing on the one hand - radio-friendly power ballads on the other. The year 2016 brings the fans the long awaited re-release of the first long player "Abandon All Hope". Not only the original 11 Tracks but also 3 bonus tracks are to find on this re-release. Including a new atmospheric version of the club hit "Dark Places".

StOp, sToP - Barceloningham OUT NOW

Their new album took the band to a new level. The album again was mixed and mastered by producer superstar Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PRETTY MAIDS) and shows the band in a rougher and harder direction than before, but without losing their roots and trademarks. No matter if you like StOp, sToP! or not, but these dudes play pure Hard Rock which sooner or later gets you by the balls! When you think craziness has reached its final level, then these guys put one on top for sure!!!

Click HERE to purchase the album

Get your copy of the Crosson debut album 'Spreading The Rock 'N' Roll Disease' now!
Click HERE to purchase the album

Maverick - Whiskey Lover
Check out the brand new video clip!!! Taken from their latest album 'BIG RED'.

Ladies and Gentlemen! We proudly present the first Crosson video 'All About The Music' taken from their forthcoming album 'Spreading The Rock 'N' Roll Disease' which will be released October 7th. Check it out!

Good news from the Twentydarkseven camp!
Recordings for the new album are going great. And they are sounding better than ever!!!

Great Rev Jones interview with BleachBangs!
Blasted to Static's bass player talking with Randy Norris.
Check it out!!!

StOp, sToP Barceloningham Tour 2016!
Check out the updated dates.

StOp, sToP - "Won't Hold Me Back"
Check out the first video taken from their forthcoming album 'Barceloningham' which will be released October 7th.

Check out the video album sampler for the forthcoming album 'Spreading The Rock 'N' Roll Disease' which will be released October 7th.


RELEASE-DATE - 30. Sep. 2016

Maverick - Asylum (feat. Kane Roberts & Jakob Samuel)
From the forthcoming album 'Big Red' which will be released August 26th.

ZAR - One Step Closer
First video clip from their latest album 'Don't Wait For Heroes'

We are proud to reveal the full tracklist to our second full length album - 'Big Red'. It will be released on METALAPOLIS RECORDS GERMANY at the end if August! The debut music video from BIG RED will be for the track featuring Kane Roberts and Jakob Samuel - 'Asylum'. Release date coming soon! Stay tuned amigos!!!!!

ZAR feat. John Lawton - Live Your Life Forever - CD Digi OUT NOW
Click HERE to purchase the album

VIRON - The Complete Worxx - 2CD Digi OUT NOW
Click HERE to Purchase the album

rebelHOT - rebelHot OUT NOW
Click HERE to purchase the album

We are more than proud to confirm that METALAPOLIS RECORDS band UNBOUND will be on tour with the mighty ~ Six feet under ~ in July!!!
You can check them out on the following dates:
30.06. NL Rotterdam - Baroeg
02.07. GER Flensburg - Roxy
03.07. GER Rostock - Alte Zuckerfabrik
04.07. GER Hamburg - Bambi Galore
05.07. GER Munich - Backstage
06.07. A Innsbruck - PMK
07.07. GER Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
08.07. CH Pratteln - Z7
09.07. GER Essen - Turok

check out this Interview with the great Jeff Martin (formerly Racer X) about his new band Blasted to Static!
The self-titled album will be released on May 27 via METALAPOLIS RECORDS!

BLASTED TO STATIC: Jeff Martin from Racer X returns!
Jeff Martin, singer of the legendary US metal band RACER X, is back. Together with guitarist and producer Stu Marshall (DEATH DEALER,EMPIRES OF EDEN, DUNGEON), bass player Rev Jones (STEELHEART, LESLIE WEST, MSG) and drummer Clay T. he brings us back to the 80ies, the time of great hooklines and outstanding guitar work. The yet untitled debut album of Blasted to Static will be released May/June 2016 and has a special guest appearance of Satchel (Steel Panther).
Check em out here

ZAR: Don’t Wait For Heroes!
13 years after their last album „Hard To The Beat“ the German Heavy Rock legends ZAR is back with a big bang. The album features mastermind and guitarist Tommy Clauss as the lead singer for the first time. The band recorded and produced an album with all typical ZAR trademarks. „Don’t Wait For Heroes“ was mastered by renowned Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, LEAVE’S
EYES) in his Mastersound Studios. The album will also be released May/June 2016.

Round and round it goes! Next band announcement!
We are very proud to announce the signing of rebelHot!!! Soak up the 70’s rock atmosphere, put on a pair of bell bottoms and your most comfortable shirt, and prepare to get your groove on and stomp your feet! With a mix of rock, blues, and funk, get ready for the band that was missing with a unique sound, no overdubs, no frills… just riffs, good vibes and a raspy, warm voice to guide the way.
World famous producer Alessandro Del Vecchio has supervised the mix and mastered the rebelHot debut album.


The following albums will be re-released by Metalapolis records:

MINDEAD – Abandon All Hope

The legendary and sold out debut record of the modern metal group MINDEAD (Germany), originally released in 2008, will be re-released and comes with a few bonus tracks and a new version of the great hit "Dark Places".

VIRON – NWHGHM/Ferrum Gravis

The two records of german cult metal band VIRON with singer Alexx Stahl (MASTERS OF DISGUISE, ROXXCALIBUR) and drummer Andreas "Neudi" Neuderth will be re-released as a double-CD. With additional bonus tracks, demo recordings and unreleased material. This package also includes Linernotes of Neudi and a lot of unreleased pictures.

ZAR – Live Your Life Forever

The outstanding debut record of german Heavy Rock Band ZAR with ex-URIAH HEEP singer John Lawton will be re-released as Digipak.

NEW SIGNING - Whipping Princess (SWE)

Whipping Princess
It´s heavy hard rock with soulful female vocals. With a powerful blend of classic genres such as soul, rock, blues, punk and metal, band creates a dirty 70`s sound. It´s classic rock for a modern audience, with energy and focus it´s raised above the ordinary thanks to a tight sound and a powerful and explosive voice with a touch of classic rock song.

Release date in 2016 will be announced soon!!!

Please welcome Crosson to the Metalapolis family!
Transported back in time from our decedent future, post-apocalyptic rock warriors, Crosson, have arrived in the 21st century to save the future of Rock & Metal. Stay tuned!!!

METALAPOLIS RECORDS will release the debut album by MOTHER ROAD on vinyl. “Drive” will hit the stores on August 21st, 2015, distributed by ZYX Music!
Mother Road features ex- SOUL DOCTOR guitarist Chris Lynn and ex- STEELHOUSE LANE vocalist Keith Slack!
This is what the press said about the CD version of this record:
“This is the sound of classic rock.....revisited.....reinvented.” (Überrock, UK)
“On the debut album from Mother Road, they (Lyne/ Slack) are now pooling their skills to a rousing, driven by the power-blues hard rock .... repeatedly, they are summing up an idea of what kind of scenario would have arose, if the Whitesnake liaison of the gentlemen Coverdale, Lord and Sykes had been granted a longer half-life period." Rocks Magazine, Germany
“Easily one of the albums of 2014.” Mayfair Mall, UK
“Absolute must-buy!” Petra Rottmann, Break Out, Germany
“Flawless. Utterly delicious.” Teresa Hopkins, Metal Shock (Finland)
“Anyone who is into handmade and bluesy Hard Rock with some rough edges should add “Drive” to his shopping list!” Marco Späth, AOR Heaven (Germany)
„No failures and a powerful, authentic production makes "Drive" to one of THE highlights of the year. What a debut!“ Martin Stark, Rock It! (Germany)
“... These guys have the blues, the casual and authentic English style.” Legacy, Germany
“A worth listening debut.” Classic Rock (Germany)
“This is a multi-national affair, and although there are no Brits in the band, there is a feeling of British bands like Whitesnake, Bad Company and Led Zeppelin throughout. But it also has a bit of a Southern swagger, maybe thanks to Texan vocalist Keith Slack. It is a fantastic debut.” Powerplay (UK)
“FREE cross-references ensure the rest of the charm as well as soulful organ rock vibes à la Deep Purple in their Hughes/ Coverdale phase and a consistently high level of songwriting.” Rock Hard (Germany)
“As ‘The Sun Will Shine Again’ flitters into the ears like a masterful Led Zeppelin acoustic ditty, I’m suddenly reminded of how great some modern music can be.” Metal Forces (UK)
“A must have!” (Planet Vienna, Austria)
“Of course some parts here sound like Led Zeppelin, Free, or the Black Crowes. But similar to Kingdom Come on their second album or Great White, Mother Road developed its own identity. This makes "Drive" irresistible and unique.” Eclipsed Magazine (Germany)


Diesen Freitag große Album Release Show!!!
Nach über 10 Jahren gibt es ein neues Album der Stuttgarter Doomcorler UNBOUND! "Wicked World" erscheint als CD Digi und Downloads am 26.06.15 über METALAPOLIS RECORDS.
Feiert mit der Band im Keller Klub Stuttgart!

We are proud to announce the signing of the legendary German Doomcore Heroes UNBOUND. 11 years after their latest album 'Revenge For Innocent' they return with another neckbreaking masterpiece.
"Wicked World" will see the light of day in May 2015. Exact release date will be announced soon!!! Stay tuned!

The Power Metal outfit from Swabia/Germany and Metalapolis Records, the home of TwentyDarkSeven, Mystery and StOp, sToP!, join forces to show the world a new side of Power Metal.
The band already found a lot of followers during their tour with US Power Metal legend VICIOUS RUMORS in 2013, but with the new album „Relics Of Harmony“ they are ready to conquer! The album will be released in spring 2015.
To promote this album in advance, the band will hit the road with the Norwegian Rock’n Roll Berserkers CHROME DIVISION at the end of February!
PhallaX unterschreiben bei METALAPOLIS RECORDS !
Die schwäbischen Power Metaller PhallaX und das Label Metalapolis Records, welches unter anderem TwentyDarkSeven, Mystery und StOp, sToP! betreut, gehen ab sofort gemeinsame Wege.
Durch ihre Tour im Jahre 2013 mit der US Power Metal Legende VICIOUS RUMORS konnten die Jungs schon einiges an Staub im Underground aufwirbeln. Mit dem neuen Album „Relics Of Harmony“, welches im Frühjahr 2015 erscheinen wird, stehen die Zeichen endgültig auf Sturm.
Um das Album vorab schon einmal zu bewerben, ist die Band ab 21.02.15 mit den norwegischen Rock’n Roll Berserkern CHROME DIVISION auf Tour.

21.02.15 GER Hamburg - Heathen Rock Festival
22.02.15 NL Arnheim . Luxor
23.02.15 GER Weinheim - Cafe Central
24.02.15 GER Erfurt - From Hell
25.02.15 GER München - Backstage
26.02.15 GER Nürnberg - Rockfabrik
27.02.15 GER Aalen - Rock It!
28.02.15 GER Oberhausen - Helvete

We proudly announce the release of Brothers Of The Head debut album 'Light the Night, Feed the Flame'.
Release date : April 2015
Release party will be held at Keller Klub, Stuttgart
stay tuned for details ...

Are you ready for 'ROAR'?'s debut album will be released October 31st 2014! Check out the official video for the first single 'Heart Of A Lion' here:



Check Out the Knightmare Interview for their Coverstory in Germany's ROCK CITY Magazin!


StOp, sToP! Interview with the famous German RockIt! Magazine!!!


Please welcome a new member to the Metalapolis family:

Metalapolis proudly announces the signing of Australia based band
KNIGHTMAREcoming soon. Stay tuned!!!

Primal Fear - NEW RELIGIONare very honored to release this legendary album on vinyl for the first time in February 2014.

LP, Gatefold Cover, 180 gram vinyl. There will be 4 different items (red, orange, black, clear), limited to 250 copies each!
orders can already be done: visit our store

Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit einige Songs vom neuen Mystery Album 'From Dusk Till Dawn' zu hören. Release ist 2014
Here's the chance to have a sneak preview listen to parts of many of the tracks from Mystery's new album 'From Dusk Till Dawn' which will be released in 2014!

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Interview with Rocky in the German Rock It! Magazine!


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